The Vadose zone
Monitoring System

The Vadose zone Monitoring System VMS

Sensoil’s Vadose zone Monitoring System™ enables continuous monitoring and water sample collection directly from the unsaturated zone. The patented Vadose-zone Monitoring System (VMS) provides real-time, continuous tracking of water percolation and contaminant transport across the vadose zone, from land surface to groundwater. Once installed, the VMS forms an accessible monitoring station (or network of stations) of the vadose zone, also termed unsaturated zone.

The VMS is equipped with the most advanced sampling units and data collection instrumentation from the unsaturated zone. Real time critical information on the hydrological and chemical conditions in the vadose zone, enable direct assessment of water percolation velocities and contamination migration fluxes in the subsurface. With data and analyses constantly on vadose zone hydrology available via Sensoil’s cloud-based application, VMS facilitates Decision Support Solutions (DSS) in varied environments.

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Real-time Data and Sampling from the Unsaturated Zone

Real-time Data and Sampling from the Unsaturated Zone

The Vadose zone Monitoring System (VMS) is composed of flexible sleeves (1) implemented in uncased, slanted boreholes. The flexible sleeves host multiple monitoring units, distributed along its length. Each monitoring unit is comprised of: water content sensors, vadose zone sampling ports and gas sampling ports for frequent sampling of the unsaturated zone and monitoring of vadose zone hydrology. VMS data collection and water sampling is managed through Sensoil’s unique VMS control panel, installed on-site (2). Full access to VMS’ real-time data is available from anywhere, via Sensoil’s cloud-based SaaS (3). Data and analysis access is dedicated and customised to each customer (4).

VMS Implementations

Over 150 Vadose-zone Monitoring Systems, containing thousands of sensors have been installed around the globe since Sensoil’s inception. Aquifer, groundwater and natural water source pollution occurrences have been avoided,  remediation processes have been optimised, and scientific research has flourished.

VMS can be installed in a range of applications, where monitoring of the vadose (unsaturated) zone is important.

The patented VMS technology is based on over 25 years of research lead by Professor Ofer Dahan, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, (Israel) and University of Nevada, Reno (USA).