Sensoil VMS vadose zone monitoring system
Sensoil - Real-time data and analytics from the vadose zone for smart decisions

Real-time analytics and data from the vadose zone for smart decisions

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Protection &

Sensoil’s Vadose-zone Monitoring System (VMS) provides real time information on pollution processes taking place in the unsaturated zone, long before contaminants accumulate in the aquifer. Minimization of subsurface pollution, is much dependent on the capability to obtain real-time information on the chemical and hydrological properties of the subsurface.

Earthen Dam

Sensoil’s Vadose-zone Monitoring System (VMS) provides continuous information on dam sediment moisture and real-time seepage. Dam stability monitoring and seepage analyses are recognized as essential components of embankment safety programs, designed to protect lives and property.

Land Remediation Optimization

Sensoil’s Vadose-zone Monitoring System (VMS) enables optimization of in-situ bio-remediation. Providing real-time, continuous data allows ongoing assessment of the remediation strategies, facilitating tweaking of remediation conditions.

Soil Monitoring

Sensoil’s Agricultural Soil Monitoring solution enables continuous, real-time monitoring and sampling of soil nutrients and moisture, at different depths of the root zone.
Real-time measurements of nutrient levels and moisture sensors in the soil provide farmers with relevant and timely data, enabling fertilization and irrigation optimization, to increase agricultural yield and quality.


Sensoil’s Vadose-zone Monitoring System (VMS) provides real-time data on water flow velocities and chemical evolution of the percolating solvent in the unsaturated ore.

Continuous information on leaching and mineral production efficiency enables monitoring for potential leaks from the bottom of lagoons to the subsurface, as well as supervision of earthen dams’ safety.